Marlboro-Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only

Brand Introduction
Marlboro’s name, derived from its London factory is located in a large cigarette Marlboro Street (Great Marlborough Street). In 1902, the London-based Philip Morris, to open branches in New York and sold, including Marlboro brand. In 1924, Marlboro cigarettes were promoted as women, to promote the slogan “Mild As May”.
During World War II, the brand temporarily stop the supply of the market, the end of the war, the other three brands, including Camel, Lucky Strike and Chesterfield occupy the entire market.
In the 1950s, Reader’s Digest published in multiple articles that smoking-related lung cancer, a number of cigarette factory, starting with unfiltered cigarettes, there is unfiltered Marlboro launched in 1955.
Marlboro power of attorney in Hong Kong, formerly of the Hong Kong Tobacco Co., philanthropist Yingjie all, 1996 was Philip Morris to buy back.
Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only – Marlboro!
A man always remember it because of romantic love.
The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) prepared by the 2008 annual “World Brand 500” list ranks 14th.
Marlboro Company Profile
In the global consumer’s reckoning, Marlboro (Marlboro) is undoubtedly the best known international brands and the most attractive one. From the sale, the global average consumption per minute Marlboro cigarettes reached as many as 1 million! No matter whether you smoke, Marlboro and charisma gave the world the image you have left a deep impression, make you unforgettable.
Probably no one would think of Marlboro cigarettes have been popular around the world in 1854 with a shop started out in 1908 with the brand Marlboro form of official registration in the United States, was only established in 1919, Philip Morris, announced in the 40’s the closure of a company.
Marlboro entrepreneurship in the early positioning of the ladies Marlboro cigarettes, the vast majority of consumers are women. Its advertising slogan is: the same as in May the weather mild. However, contrary to expectations, even though the United States are on the rise year after year the number of smokers, but the Marlboro sells cigarettes, has always been mediocre. The ladies complained that a white cigarette holder cigarette will be infected with their bright red lipstick, very unsightly. As a result, Morris company to replace the red cigarette holder. But all this failed to restore Miss Wan Baolu cigarettes fate. Morris has finally ceased production early in the 40 Marlboro cigarettes.
After World War II, the United States the number of smokers continues to grow, the latest introduction of Marlboro cigarettes, filter cigarettes, the market and re-introduced back to Ms. 3 series: a kind of stripped-down, white and red of a filter as well as the advertising slogan is “with your lips and the fingertip match “kind. At that time the U.S. cigarette consumption reached 382 billion a year, the average consumer to smoke as much as 2262, however, Marlboro’s sales are still poor, very few people smoking Marlboro smokers, or even know the brand of people who extremely limited.
Surgery surgeon by: Leo Burnett
In the do nothing in 1954, Morris found a marketing plan was very well-known people, Leo Burnett handed it to him this subject: how can we allow more ladies to purchase consumer Marlboro cigarettes?
Limited tasks of dialectical thinking
As a person planning to undertake the subject, Leo Burnett faced with such limited resources and the situation of persons: the established Marlboro cigarette products, packaging and so on. The same time, faced with the task: to allow more ladies are familiar with, love to buy Marlboro cigarettes. Leo Burnett resources in such a situation must be trying to find ways to achieve such tasks. How to solve this problem?
If Leo Burnett, where is that “if” is entirely limited to the Morris company’s proposed mandate and established resources, follow Ms. cigarette market share to expand the idea of the planning, then the rage, Marlboro will not appear on this the economic world. Fortunately, Leo Burnett has not been limited mandate and resources to live, but to Morris had given to the subject of dialectical thinking.
A bold transformation of achievements in Marlboro
In the cigarette market in-depth analysis and careful consideration, the Leo Burnett fully break through the Morris task and limited resources, Marlboro was the new “sex change operation,” boldly presented to Morris: The Marlboro cigarettes, change its status as a man of cigarettes, as the most important variable Danyan taste of cigarettes, increase the flavor content, and the image of a bold transformation of Marlboro: first time flat-packed with technology and open the lid to symbolize the power of the primary colors red as the casing. Advertising on the major changes are: Marlboro cigarette advertisements are no longer appeal to women as the main target advertising Marlboro cigarettes, has repeatedly stressed manhood to whole body dissemination of rough, bold, heroic American cowboy as a brand image, attract all the love, appreciate the spirit and the pursuit of such consumers.
This is by far the most successful and a great marketing plan, due to Leo Burnett’s bold breakthrough in resource and task planning, completely changed the fate of Morris, in the Marlboro brand, marketing, advertising strategies, according to Leo Burnett planning ideas to change the second year after the (1955), Marlboro cigarettes, cigarette brands sold in the United States jumped No. 10, after they soared. Today, second only to Coca-Cola, Marlboro has become the world’s second-largest brand, its brand value up to 500 billion dollars.
Marlboro Marlboro: one of the world’s most powerful brands
In 1908, a snowflake fluttering morning, look like a middle-aged gentleman hurrying, holding hands, just apply for a business license. After a series of painstaking steps, Philip. Morris was finally opened, How could this not the smug entrepreneurs excited about it? In order to effect the company’s cigarette products a good name, Morris can be described as exerting every effort in the end, he thought the company factory is located on a street in London, the name of Marlborough, this long is that some features of the English word, especially in front of eight letters really makes you feel there is a king in the breeze. Is that it! Marlboro!
Marlboro initial attempt to please the female smokers, when the young women of the United States to pursue a timely pleasures doctrine, many people indulge in champagne and jazz, all day long live live in dreams life. People forget the taste of cigarettes, the psychological trauma of World War I, immersed in the blissful atmosphere. “For example, as mild weather in May” is proud of this period Marlboro advertisements. But time is running slowly pouring, Marlboro, as a long history of superior quality tobacco brands, as it does not expect the majority of smokers have a strong appeal. Brand positioning is a problem? Or something else? If the strategic direction is wrong, then no amount of effort is wasted. Morris, thinking very hard, finally, he found that a mere focus on real needs, “moderate” brand image is not enough to impress people, and make the hearts of Marlboro smokers to become a favorite with a rough, uninhibited, wild and uninhibited strong image is essential! Living in the modern reinforced concrete, yearning for the wide and boundless blue sky, endless grasslands, and that Mercedes-Benz horse riding strong and vigorous person … … So let Marlboro wings are also free to run up it, across the group Hill, climbed over mountains, traveled the world in every corner, ran into a yearning for freedom for each unrestrained person’s heart.
Since then, a gentle Marlboro gone, a rough bold of Marlboro appeared. In 1955, the Marlboro cigarette brand was awarded the nation’s top ten. In 1968, Marlboro single-brand market share rose to second in the nation’s tobacco industry. In 1975, sales of Marlboro cigarettes won the U.S. crown. The mid-80s, Marlboro became the world’s leading brand of the tobacco industry.
In 1989, Marlboro 318 billion sold in the world than bottled or canned Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup sales bigger. Ruoqiang Marlboro with a view of an independent company, with its 1989 turnover of 94 billion U.S. dollars terms. When in the United States Fortune1 ( “Fortune”) magazine in the world’s 500 largest enterprises ranked No. 45.
In 1995, the U.S. “financial world” assessment of the world’s No. 1 Marlboro brand, and its value as high as 44.6 billion U.S. dollars.
In the global “anti-smoke” rising tide of today, in 1996, Marlboro brand in the global top ten are still stabilize the first 10.
Marlboro’s market position
The 20th century, 20 years the United States, known as the “Lost Time.” After the impact of the First World War, many young people consider themselves, and by the trauma of war, and that only desperate pleasures such trauma can be diluted. They are surrounded by or in the jazz, screaming, or immersed in the cigarette smoke-filled them. Both men and women, he (she) who will be abnormal mouth to mouth, a cigarette leisurely elegance. Women even more attention from their own Red-billed, they carefully make-up, with one man after another man “heartbroken” to love; they are critical of clothing color, emotion, roots of easy old time rush. Women are angels of beauty, the darling of society, they complain about the white cigarette in their mouth often contaminated lipstick. So “Marlboro” is born. “Marlboro” The name is also directed against the prevailing social climate and fixed. “MARLBORO” is actually “Man Always Remember Lovely Because Of Romantic Only” acronym, meaning “Men have always forget a woman’s love.” Its advertising slogan was “as mild as the weather in May.” The intention is striving to become female smokers of “confidante.”
To show concern for female smokers, Morris companies “Marlboro” cigarettes, cigarette holder dyed red, with a view to the general love of Ms. Liang touched by such a meticulous care, thus opening the outlet. However, over the past few weeks, months in the past, several years later, Morris, looking forward to the hearts of the sales boom did not occur. Warm look forward to have to face the cold reality of field embarrassment.
“Marlboro” from the 1924 introduction, has been to the 20th century, 50 years, always unknown. It’s gentle temperament of advertising does not appear to the general image of the ladies to leave the number of interests, because it lacks a long-term operational and sales objectives guided the ads with a sense of initiative. Morris’s advertising slogan, “like the same mild weather in May,” is far too polite, but also for women who go along with the original powder gas, leading to its prohibitively large male smokers. Such an ad targeting while highlighting its own brand personality also made to a group of consumers (in this case women) a special preference, but for the future development of an obstacle, causing it difficult for consumers to the scope of expansion. Women are far less than tobacco addiction, and the enthusiasm of clothing, but once they become a wife and mother, they did not encourage his daughter to smoke! Cigarettes are a special commodity, it must form a strong consumer base, the number of repeated consumption of more consumer group to the manufacturers sales will be. While women are often the heart because of its beauty, fear of excessive smoking and teeth will turn yellow, be affected by looking at the smoke is much more than that of male smokers in their control. “Marlboro,” the fate of the role of the above-mentioned reasons, it is also increasingly bleak.
In the 20th century, 30’s, “Marlboro”, together with other consumer goods, through the economic crisis of the “Great Depression years.” This time its name known. After the outbreak of World War II, the number of smokers increased, and along with filter-tipped cigarettes, that there can be committed to consumers, the filter can not harmful nicotine into the body, smokers can feel free to make your favorite cigarette smoking. • Philip Morris was also busy to the “Marlboro” accompanied by the filter, hoping to get a favorable turn. Disappointing, however, is that smokers of “Marlboro” The reaction has been very cool.
Feel unwilling to holding the feelings, Philip Morris began to consider • reshape the image. The company sent someone please Leo – Burnett advertising agency as the “Marlboro” advertising plan, with a view to playing “Marlboro” fame sales. “Let us forget that the women’s powder Xiangyan cigarettes, re-create a macho world-famous ‘Marlboro’ cigarettes!” – Leo – Burnett, founder of an advertising agency for help from those who say do nothing. A brand-new bold reform “Marlboro” cigarettes image of the plan emerged. Constant product quality, packaging, use of the flat first then open the lid technology, and the name of the standard characters (MARLBORO) cusp of making it more rich men, strong, and the color red as the main casing.
Major changes in advertising is: ” ‘Marlboro’ ad no longer the main target women, but hard clank of a man.” In the advertisement stressed that “Marlboro” and masculinity in order to attract the pursuit of such a spirit-loving customers. Philips began coachmen, divers, farmers, etc. do with manhood ad actor. But the ideal man is still concentrated in the United States last cowboy in this image: a look deep, rough skin, whole body exudes rugged, heroic hero man, high in the ad sleeves rolled up, exposing hairy arms, fingers are always sandwiched a slowly smoking “Marlboro” cigarettes. This woman Xijin powder flavor of advertising came in 1954, which to the “Marlboro” enormous wealth. 1954-1955 alone, the “Marlboro” sales increased three times, became the nation’s 10th largest cigarette brand in 1968, its market share rose to second in the nation’s peers. Now, “Marlboro” cigarettes sold annually in the world, 300 billion, with 5000 a Boeing 707 aircraft to Zhuangwan. Without the world every four cigarettes, among them one is “Marlboro.” What makes the little-known “Marlboro” has become so very popular out? U.S. financial magazine “Forbes” columnist Buluonike in 1987 with the associates investigated the 1546 “Marlboro” fans. The survey shows: many of the respondents understand correctly that he was like this brand because of its tasty, thick smoke, making them feel physically and mentally very happy. However, they suspect that the real Buluonike obsessive than “Marlboro” cigarettes and other little between the taste of the differences, but “Marlboro” cigarettes brought advertisements to perceived sense of superiority. Buluonike made a test, he claims to love everyone, “Marlboro” taste quality “Marlboro” drug addicts at half price offer “Marlboro” cigarettes, these cigarettes, although the appearance can not see grades, but the factory can prove that cigarettes do true goods, and quality assurance with the shops of “Marlboro” cigarettes as a result, only 21% of people willing to buy. Buluonike explain the phenomenon, said: “Smokers who really need is a ‘Marlboro’ packaging gives them satisfaction, stripped-down of the ‘Marlboro’ taste of quality with the regular packaging of ‘Marlboro’ the same as, but not to the smokers with a to the satisfaction. ” Survey, Buluonike also noted that these “Marlboro” fans smoked per day to the “Marlboro” cigarettes out the pockets of 20-25 times. “Marlboro” packaging advertising which provides that “Marlboro” image has been such as clothing, jewelry and other decorative objects, become a relevant interpersonal sign. The “Marlboro” really taste is largely dependent on the product created by the cowboy image of the United States upon an additional factor. This is what people really buy “Marlboro” motivation.
From the “Marlboro” two kinds of styles of advertising a dramatic effect change, we can see the magic of advertising. It is shaping the product image and advertising, adding to the value of the product. A “focused” strategy, positioning, target market so that the “Marlboro” brand grow into the world today.
Marlboro’s success secret
Philip Morris’s Marlboro cigarettes produced for 14 consecutive years in U.S. cigarette sales charts. In 1954, before Philip Morris was only six major U.S. cigarette companies, the smallest one. But it is a unique vision, grasp the opportunity for success, which became the nation’s first cigarette company.
At that time, American pop non-filtered cigarettes. Philip Morris noted that the filter cigarettes will become a new trend in the market, so boldly introduced a filter tip of Marlboro cigarettes, matched with a unique hard-box packing Filp Top listed on cigarette sales from the U.S. structure has changed now, Marlboro cigarettes become America’s best-selling varieties.
In addition to benefit from the success of Marlboro cigarette filter tip, unique packaging, but also benefited from the efforts in the marketing policy. In order to ad performance realistic, in the Marlboro cigarette advertisements, posters, figures appear, are recruited in the United States authentic cowboy, rather than professional models. Stands for freedom, rugged men jeans and listening to music for an impressive combination of very successful ad Where there is a man, there is a Marlboro (where there are men, where there is Marlboro), even more memorable. Consistency in the world implementing advertising and marketing strategy, and laid a Marlboro cigarettes to consumers in various countries in mind the unity, integrity and profound basis of the image, while Philip Morris has thus creating the largest advertising and marketing effectiveness efficiency. The success of marketing strategies, has made Marlboro cigarettes popular over the world.
“MARLBORO” is actually “Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only” acronym,  Its advertising slogan was “as mild as the weather in May.” The intention is striving to become female smokers of “confidante.”

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